In 2009 reconstruction of the Old Town was taking place and in the summer of 2012 it was completed. At the moment the Old Town square is the heart of Jēkabpils city with Culture House, Jēkabpils Tourism information center, cafés, and shops. From the former bus station it has transformed into the walking and recreation place where you attention will be attracted by several interesting objects.


Environment design object "SCALES"

The Old Town square initially was made as the market place. The evidence of this fact is scales that can be found on the square. They are stylized scales made of metal and composite materials and you can find the weight both in kilograms and in ancient units - pounds.

Environment design object "PUMP"

Each market place also had a well. This is approved by the entry from 1930 in Jēkabpils city property list – water pump. Now instead of the old well you will find the stylized pump that also works. In the water basin you may throw a coin “to return”.

Environment design object  "STORY OF THE CITY"

On the south part of the square at the memory oak you will find a composition „Story of the city”. It is made of metal plate figures with printed photos. Participants of „story of the city” are real people who used to live in this city. These photos are taken from the Jēkabpils museum funds, they have been enlarged and placed here to live their second life already on the Old Town square.