Fountain maintenance with the help of Platpirs specialists:

  1. You contact with us;
  2. We mutually agree on the most suitable time for you so that we could make the visit and see the fountain;
  3. We come and make the inspection of the fountain, clarify the damages or problems;
  4. We calculate the cost estimate for works and agree expenses with you;
  5. We eliminate the damages or problems.


Below in this section you will find User manual of the fountain and advices how to prepare the exterior fountain for the winter properly.


User manual for interior fountain

Before assembling and installation of the fountain please read the information carefully.

Entrust assembling and installation of the fountain to the qualified specialists.



Fountain is a unique hand-made work and it is made of stainless steel amended by design elements – stainless steel and glass. The main water circulation mechanism of the fountain is a pump whose operation is ensure by the electric current. Pump is required for the forced water circulation. All water circulation equipment is located under the decorative finishing of the body.

Usage of the fountain

It is important to remember that for the fountain you can use only clean water (distilled water) purified from mechanical and chemical additional. It is necessary to add an algaecide that you can acquired from the fountain producer or in other specialized stores. Minimum required amount of water is identified when you acquire the fountain. Recommended water temperature from +40 to +350. Pump is connected to the 220V current.

Setting up and warrantee maintenance

Setting up, installing of the fountains, their dismantling and maintenance are ensured by the producers of the fountain. Maintenance includes cleaning of the entire water circulation system, cleaning of the separator and other fountain devices, changing of lights.

Moving of the fountain from the interior outside may be done independently without help of the maintenance service by pouring out or pumping out the fountain water.

Fountain maintenance is done at least once every 6 months. Warrantee maintenance is performed by the personnel of the fountain producer.

Remember! Do not start dismantling of the fountain independently in order to change spare parts or to make the fountain maintenance independently.

Producer does not take the responsibility for the damages, defects or water circulation problems in cases when the client makes any of the aforesaid activities without a prior warning or consulting with the producer.

Daily maintenance

By performing the daily maintenance you should observe the following instructions:

Before making the daily maintenance make sure that fountain is disconnected from the electric current:  the fountain does not have special switch for turning it on and off, it simply has to be disconnected from the electricity supply network by taking out the plug from the socket;

- Make sure that the fountain has sufficient amount of water: for the each fountain model producer gives the identification in a visible location  with the required minimum amount of water. If there will be too much water then the fountain will overflow and flood the premises. If there will be insufficient amount of water it may cause troubleshooting in the water supply and damage the pump. If the water is not added in the fountain then the pump may overheat and get damaged and in this case warrantee repairing will not be provided. Be careful!

-Make sure that there are no objects or rubbish in the water that could obstruct the water circulation mechanism or form the residue that could disturb the operation of the pump;

-Add only distilled water purified from mechanic additions as stipulated above;

-It is prohibited to clean the fountain with abrasive cleaners as well as other foaming cleaning and washing agents that would cause foaming of the water and as the result the fountain could overflow. To clean the fountain from chemical substances you have to disconnect it from the electricity supply network and to change the water several times.


- Fountain may be cleaned with special cleaning agents that are intended for cleaning stainless steel (copper). You can buy these agents in almost any store selling the household chemicals.

- When cleaning the steel surface of the fountain do it in the direction of polishing, otherwise you may form scratches and as the result impact the visual image of the fountain negatively.



- To throw various objects in the fountain.


- Warrantee time for the water circulation mechanism (pump) is 2 years from the day of the purchase, -- for metal structures - 4 years.

Warrantee is invalid in the following cases:

- Pump is damage due to the natural wear as the result of the increase concentration of sand, clay particles or other abrasive substances in the water, as well as when water hardness is above the permitted level;

- Damages in metal structures or pump operation as the result of the unprofessional fountain dismantling or maintenance without the agreement of the producer.


Fountains correspond to the EU standards of electrical safety and are approved with the CE label on the informative plate of the pump and certificate of the producer’s factory that the device corresponds to the EU developed Safety and Health protection directives. Usage of the pump corresponds to the following EU directives EN60335-1, EN60335-2-41, EN55014-2, EN61000-3-2, and EN 61000-3-3

For additional safety

It is not allowed performing of the maintenance, repair or dismantling of the fountain to the children and individuals less than 16 years of age and persons who have not become  familiar with the user manual.



Before you start any maintenance or dismantling works make sure that the fountain is disconnected from the supply of electricity supply network as the electric current has large conductivity in water that can cause health problems and even death.


 You will need:

  • Coarse weave textile or old blanket;
  • Fountain cover or PVC (tent textile);
  • Plastic container
  1. If technically possible – perform dismantling of the fountain and place it in a garage or grange to protect it from impact of weather conditions. If it is impossible, fulfill the further instructions.
  2. Pour out all the water from the fountain before the first frost.
  3. Disconnect the pump from the fountain and bring it inside. Now is the best moment to clean your pump from rubbish and dirt that has accumulated during the operation.
  4. Store the pump in a bucket or a plastic container with water. Place the container with the pump in a warm place to protect gaskets from drying out.
  5. Cover the fountain with the tent textile or special fountain cover. Fountain covers come in different size and are made to protect the garden fountain from humidity in cold weather conditions.
  6. Fill in the fountain basin with coarse weave textile, old blankets or other absorbing material to avoid accumulation of the water condensate inside the basin where it could freeze. This will protect the fountain from cracking.