Hottest month of summer 2014 is significant for our company - our new floating fountain "Lake Sonata" - has started its work

At the present moment it is highest fountain of this type in Latvia and its arch can be seen over Balvi lake. PLATPIRS team adjusted this floating and rotating technology piece in the lake, next to the bridge over Bolupe river

If we speak about height - central water jet can "win the race" with park trees around the lake - it is 20 m high.

Fountain has additional water nozzles - rotating type and with shower effect.

These nozzles can change directions.

Work of the fountain is provided by two pumps.

In dark time of daynight fountain is lighten up by 6 projectors.

Water arch around the fountain is almost as great as the height of central water jet - up to 20 m.


There is spring time in Latvia again and we are starting it with our new product, on which we had been working for some time!

We are glad to introduce you to our new PLATPIRS fountain "Water Lily".

  • this is pond fountain with decor in the shape of water lilly;
  • the color of this decor is classics for these flowers in nature - white;
  • specially made polyethylene material guarantees very light and at the same time practically unbreakable construction;
  • no need to worry that in case, if you have few such "flowers" in your pond, they could go separate ways - the position of each fountain is fixed by special anchor;
  • water jet height - from 0,5 to 2 m;
  • fountain can be completed with nozzle by your choice - accordingly to that the height of water jet and water picture will change;
  • there is night LED lightening in this fountain set. In the dark daynight hours "Water Lily" turns into landscape decoration element - some kind of "floating lamp".

New PLATPIRS fountain "KAMOLS" officially started its work in 2013. This sculptural work is created with a purpose to brighten up the landscape of Limbaži and - to give town inhabitants and guests nice place, where to meet and forget about everyday rush.

The shape of fountain repeats the symbol of Limbaži district - wool clew. Heraldic "brother" of Platpirs fountain is colored - three colors are three symbols of Limbaži region characteristic features. Green color - as dedication to spectacular nature, violet color - reminds about stability and noble past, Red-brown color is dedicated to ancient wisdom and traditions. Architectural symbol of limbaži made from silver-color stainless steel - from metal, which is "water-friendly" and long-lasting. Soft metal lines, combined with water patterns, remind us that hands of the man, combined with creative mind can turn metal into wool, and water, main enemy of metal  - into friend and decoration to whole composition.



Another fountain, made by PLATPIRS team, had started its summer season recently. Cascade-type construction glimmers, shines and murmurs at Ogre town square, in front of town council building. Oval-shaped pool with artificial overflow is made from polished black granite and has three foaming nozzles.