Engineering technological solution.

From the engineering technical perspective a fountain is the structure that serves as the base or the frame for water spouts going up and falling down. What is hidden under the word combination - modern fountain?

Firstly, high class materials are used for the fountains and they are combined with the latest technologies – water overflow systems, pumps, dynamic nozzles and lighting solutions.

Secondly, the modern fountain is not only simple water spout that with the pressure is taken up high in the air. This is a complete aquacade consisting of complicated spout textures and light combinations creating a grandiose show.

Thirdly, variety of fountains and their functions will amaze your imagination. Without “land” fountains there are unique floating fountains that you can place even in the water basins with variable water level.

Fourthly, digital technologies allow combining of the fountain with any music source (specialists think that the best musical accompaniment for the fountains is classical music).