Fountain design - benefits.

Beautiful fountain is a complicated symbiosis of several elements. Pumps, frame, transitional mains, lighting and electrification devices – all has to work faultlessly in single perfect and coordinated rhythm. And the main component for any good fountain - love for the work you do. As qualitatively made fountain is a mutual hand work of several individuals. Designers, architects, engineers, constructors, finishing specialists, assemblers – they all are taking care for the fountain to be exactly like the client has imagined it to be and for it to bring joy and pleasure and not problems and worries. The end result will depend on the fact how much people doing the work love it and are proud of it.

It is not cheap to build a beautiful and qualitative fountain. Depending on the device solution, lighting power chosen the fountain may cost from two to twenty thousand lats. Thereby, investing in the construction of the fountain, client should choose professionals who love the thing they do with every single cell of their body. Don’t try to save on the quality hoping for an imaginary low price of the services offered. There is a reason for British to say “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things”.

Making the fountain yourself  - risks.


During the last decade there is a growing demand for services to build new fountains and to reconstruct historical ones. This market in the Baltic States is still very new and thereby from time to time the client has to face very low competence level among the service providers. It happens that the seller has absolutely no knowledge how fountain bowls are constructed and how to assemble to equipment. People think that it is enough to buy nozzles, headlights and pumps from the manufacturer, to receive approximate equipment assembling scheme and to start the construction of the fountain on various difficulty levels. However, it often turns out that only the part of the equipment that is located on the “top of the iceberg” is bought. As the result – few months later after the fountain is installed troubleshooting starts: nozzles do not work anymore (if they are installed) because often constructors to save on expenses design the spouts with pipe ends and a hammer); fountain bowls start to leak; water turns into green mess: pumps get damaged; pipes start to get rusty. In these situations it is difficult to speak about esthetic pleasure without mentioning the long discussion process with the fountain creators.


Remember, that the fountain as any other mechanism is not everlasting. Do not loose the feedback with the contractor, turn to the contractor for help, for maintenance, and repair services. Professional constructor will always give clear warrantee terms, maintenance conditions as well as will help to reconstruct and to renovate the existing devices of the fountain.